Saturday, 27 October 2012

With friends like these ...

What a week.

Uneventful is not a description I could use.

Following on from last week's completely depressing blog post, you'll be pleased to know I've become pro-active. I'm no less fed up, well maybe a bit, but I'm using this to power me on and I have a plan. Yes, a proper one, like the ones they have in films that ALWAYS work, without fail. This one will work too, because it's awesome.

So this week I have worked my rather sizeable arse right off. My plan is to work every hour god sends for the next year and save, save, save! So this time next year I will probably be hideously lacking in sleep and essential nutrients, but things will be better, and that will be worth losing a little sleep for.

Something slightly less positive has occured this week. Well, I say this week, it's actually been coming for a while but seems more pronounced at the moment.

Okay, deep breath.

Basically, yeah I've been a little down recently, and because of that I've needed my friends. Most of whom haven't been there.

I say 'most' because some have, and for that I'm grateful - and thank you, it means the world.

But those that haven't ... well, true friends?

I'm thinking not.

It might sound selfish, but really it's not. I understand people have their own lives and commitments, but it seems a common trend that you find a guy, or girl, and suddenly you disappear off the face of the planet and forget everyone that was there before. My problems and wants might seem immature to you, simply because it's not what you want, but bear in mind that your life isn't what I want either, yet I'm still there for you no matter what, and probably always will be.

I have to say that outloud, because it's been churning me up for a couple of weeks. I'd say it to anyone it might concern's face too, but will probably never have to, because I never see them anymore.

Anyway, onto a lighter note.

I'm going back to my second home again in eight weeks. Yep, I'm heading out to sample the winter delights and see what that brings - probably not frostbite like I'd get if I stayed here. I hate New Year normally, I find it such a let-down, so hopefully this one will be different, and spending it in a place I love will be pretty amazing. It's going to be weird though, so many people I associate with the place won't be there and most of it will be closed, but I get to party the night away with my girls, so really, I can't complain. Bring on the Efes.

Moving on, and it seems I've found a modern day, wannabe Mr Grey.

Before you get all excited, I highly doubt he's actually a patch on the Grey dude, I just think he talks the talk, erm, quite graphically. Please don't ask me how I got myself into this palava, half the time I never know myself. There was no alcohol involved either, which is worrying in itself.

Basically, picture the scene - Saturday night, freezing cold, snuggled up on the sofa in fluffy bed socks, very unflattering PJs, a massive hoodie and not a scrap of make up. A text comes ... 'are you horny?' .... Er no, I'm watching X Factor.

Is it me or is this variation of flirtation just downright weird? I might be missing something, I just don't get it. I'm not feeling the love, I have to say.

Instead, I'm going to continue the next week in the same vein as the last one - work my arse off again, try not to think about a certain situation that is causing me a bit too much upset than it ever should've, dodge increasingly sexually-explicit texts and look forward to the weekend, when my friend is coming to visit from Norway. Nicky is going out and Nicky is going to PARTY.

Well, probably until about half ten, when I decide it's too cold, my feet hurt and I'm tired.

Oh the joys of the big 3-0.

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