Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Lurgy. Sniffling, snot-ridden, coughing, spluttering lurgy. One day before I go away for the weekend.

Oh joy.

My throat feels like someone's dragging a cheese grater down it, but I refuse to let it stop me dragging my sorry arse across Europe.

This weekend I will be frequenting Istanbul. Initially this wasn't the plan, initially we were meant to be taking a rather cold and rainy break down south, but like most things, plans change and instead we are taking a rather cold and rainy city break instead. Chicken kebabs and Efes here I come. Yes, I know, culture and all that, and yes we will be doing that, but we will also be doing chicken kebabs and Efes, and hell, have I missed chicken kebabs and Efes. You might have noticed, I happen to quite like chicken kebab and Efes.

What I'm not looking forward to is the hideously long journey ahead of us, considering we have to fly from Luton, which means the joys of National Express through the night. I'm not good when I'm sleep deprived and stuck in a confined space; I'm grumpy and irritable. What I do have is copious amounts of sugar, in the form of Mini Eggs, so I will no doubt be bouncing off the walls and driving everyone around me mad. Poor people.

Mind you, given the choice of sleep deprived Nicky or hyper Nicky, I'd urge you to pick hyper Nicky every time.

I've had a total packing nightmare these last two days just to top it all off. I had to buy a new suitcase, a smallish one that meant I could fit many, many clothes into a small, small space. Turns out this doesn't work. Turns out I do not travel light. In my defence, surely three nights equals three night outfits and four day outfits?! Apparently not, not if you're Mr Easy Jet and refuse to let women flying to Istanbul take more clothes. I think Stellios, or whatever his name is, just doesn't want me to fashionable.

So I've had to learn the art of micro-packing and mixing and matching. I'm not good at it, it's not a skill I possess. However, I have managed it, I'm just not happy with it. And just to put the cherry on the not-so-nice cake, the new case I bought was meant to be leopard print, it looks more like army print. Bloody misleading internet pictures. And then, then! Then my boots sprung a leak in the rain and decided to leave me with wet feet, so not only did I have to do a dash to Argos for a new case, but I also had to raid town for some new boots. I'm not happy with them either, they're ankle boots, I wanted knee high ones again. Turns out beggars can't be choosers. Grrrr ...

But anyway, my mantra is .... yeah you guessed it, chicken kebab and Efes, chicken kebab and Efes .....

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  1. Hahaha! I can just imagine you standing in front of that little case and trying to pack! Haha!

    I'll take hyper Nicky over sleep-deprived Nicky any day!

    Have fun with the... what was it? steak pie and guinness?


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