Friday, 6 January 2012

January .... one week down

So, it's 2012. We're all still alive, and the world hasn't imploded. Yay! Mind you, I'm not sure what date that's meant to happen on anyway, I didn't watch the film. It's a load of old twaddle anyway.

I hope.  Eeek.

Anyway, so we're alive, and it's January. Everyone hate's January don't they? I'm not the world's biggest fan, I have to say. I ain't so keen on February and March either to be honest, and don't get me started on April and it's showers ....

Anyway, I degress.

So January, it's cold, it's possibly going to snow, everyone's skint, nobody goes out and it's just so damn depressing. The not going out thing is a problem, as that was one of the things I said I was going to do more of this year. It wasn't a resolution, because let's face it, they're made for breaking. It was more of a general musing. And my general musing for the year was to get myself re-aquainted with vodka, and have a damn good time a lot more often. I spent far too much of last year pining over what now appears to be a lost cause. Well, I think anyway, who knows, the world is a funny place.

One plus is the return of Take Me Out on ITV1. Woohoo! Paddy has returned to Saturday nights and my life is complete. God, I'm such a drama queen. I could've been on that show, I got a phone interview and audition date through, but I was too chicken to do it and didn't call back. I don't regret it though, I'd have turned into a gooey mess when I met Paddy, it would've been embarassing for all concerned.

What is also getting me through January this year is that I am going away at the end of it. Yes, my first jolly of the year! I'm off for what is apparently a city break. Hang on, "city break" that's what old people do isn't it? Argh, no it's not a city break then, it's a weekend away. Yeah, that sounds better. I might be 30 (sssh!) this year, but I'm not about to start booking SAGA cruises.

Packing for this "weekend away" is causing me somewhat of a headache. It's going to be freezing. The last time I went away for a few days somewhere freezing was Disneyland Paris, and I didn't really care what I looked like there. I do however care what I look like on this one, so some serious thought is going into perfecting a winter wardrobe fit for a jolly in January, as well as far too much sales shopping, which causes me headaches, stress and makes me swear a lot. Beauty comes at a cost, I tell you.

I've made some progress on the reinvention of the life mission, which is good considering it's only the first week of January, I mean business clearly. I've passed my holiday rep/tourism diploma. See if you want to go work in Turkey, for some jobs, soon you'll have to have a diploma in the area you're going to be working, whether that be repping or general tourism stuff. So I had to sharpish get me a diploma. I'm £80 lighter but I have my bit of paper, so hey, that's progress.

On the shaky subject of that area of the world, we'll get the obvious question out of the way, the one everyone seems to like asking me on a daily basis. What's happening with the boy? Answer - god knows.

And we'll leave it at that.

However, on the subject of the male species, I have come to the confirmed conclusion that they are downright weird. Yes, I have realised this before but bloody hell, they say we're a complicated species. This week I have spent a considerable amount of time ignoring "pokes" from a guy who I know for a fact has a girlfriend. This doesn't seem to bother him, and hey, maybe in his mind this is totally innocent. Which is fine. The emails however, are not so innocent. Shameless, I tell you. Needless to say, he's been ignored and defriended pretty sharpish. Weirdo. Poor girlfriend is all I can say.

This is further evidence that points me in the direction of the convent.

Maybe it's a sign ....

Speaking of signs, has anyone ever been to Sri Lanka? If you have, please get in touch and let me know what's it's like. I've suddenly got this weird pull towards the place. This is all of a sudden, it's quite strange. My grandad was stationed there when he was in the Marines years and years ago, and there was an advert for it on the TV the other night, ever since then I've been strangely pulled there.

Mind you, having looked at the prices of actually going, I'm slightly repelled from it, not pulled towards it.

So slightly more affordable, another Marmaris jolly looks on the cards. Looking at June I think, although I don't think it'll be the only time I'll be heading out this year, maybe sooner, maybe later as well. Who knows? It'll be weird this year. So much about my three visits there last year was totally to do with the boy, no matter what rubbish to the contrary I might've spouted at the time, that I'm going to have to create some new memories this year. I'm up for that challenge though, and it's sunny there, when it ain't so sunny here. There's nothing really bad about it when you look at it that way.

I should've been going to America for two weeks in October. I'm not anymore. I cancelled my place when I got back from Marmaris in October. Why? Hmm .... partly to do the boy I think. I wanted to give it a shot, and having to save up that amount of money to go away to America was going to be impossible if I was going to be travelling back and forth to Turkey all year. Despite the fact it appears to have gone pearshaped, I don't regret my decision to cancel. I'll be sad not to go, and I felt horrible cancelling on my friend, but thankfully she has now booked her family onto the trip and they'll have a wonderful time. I've been to Florida, so it's not like I haven't seen it, and my decision to give it a go really was the best one, despite what I gave up, because I'll never have the 'what if'. And if there's one thing I can't be doing with, it's 'what if'. I've done everying I could possibly have done. It also frees me up to chase my dreams and really put my plans into action, so yeah, I'll miss Mickey and Minnie, but whereas that would have been two weeks of my life, this is the entirety of it. Sort of puts it into perspective really.

So anyway, we survived the first week of January! Pat yourself on the back, well done you.

Is getting up for work in the mornings getting any easier now it's dark, cold and grimy? Is it hell.

Roll on summer readers, roll on summer.

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